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Harvest Festival

On Friday 21st September Muinteoir Susan held our first Harvest Festival in the school.
Múinteoir Susan has worked with the children and parents on the garden and harvested vegetables for sale.
Parents and teachers donated eggs, jams, chutneys, homemade baked goods, knitted clothes to sell.
The children in some classes made Autumn crafts to sell.
5th & 6th helped organise and run the sale.  There was a raffle for the donated items.
We would like to thank the parents and children for their support.  Over 1000 euro was raised.  This money will go towards creating an outdoor weather station.
table quiz (4).jpg

3rd & 4th class trip to Trim castle

trim 5
trim 4

We are learning about castles and visited Trim castle and the medieval room.

5th and 6th have been busy since coming.

Junior and Senior Infant Maths for Fun!

In Junior and Senior Infants, we decided to show off our Maths skills and how much fun Maths could be, by inviting parents in for Maths for Fun!


On our first week we invited parents in to play some Maths games. These games focused on number, pattern and colour.

On our second week, as it was National Maths Week, we invited parents in for a maths trail around the school where we worked on counting as well as shape and space.

For our third week we had  some Halloween activities like block graphs, size ordering and spooky number sequence jigsaws.

We have had so much fun but we could not have done it without the fantastic help from all of the Mammies and Daddies and even a Granny and some little brothers and sisters. Thank you all so much for the support!

20181023_134756 (1)
Term 1 2018.jpg

Science Day 2018

During Science Week we invited in the parents in the afternoon to see the children in the role of scientists.  Each class displayed a number of experiments to the parents.


Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Thank you to all the children who brought in shoeboxes

for the Christmas Shoebox appeal.  Well done for all your charitable efforts.  The shoeboxes will be opened on Christmas day by deserving children overseas.


The Bossy King

The boys and girls in Junior and Senior infants worked very hard on their Christmas play. They had to learn seven songs and some children even had to learn some lines off by heart. We had a great turn out of parents on the day and the boys and girls we absolutely amazing. Well done to everyone!   

They have been really hard at work this term. We have just finished our sounds before Christmas and we are very, very proud of our Junior Infants who have started to read loads and try sounding out new words. Our Senior Infants have been working really hard trying out more challenging books and writing some great sentences where they spell their own words.


               Christmas 2018

         Scoil Naoimh Pio news

A massive congratulations and well done to 5th and 6th class pupils who organised Scoil Naoimh Pio’s first ever Christmas Market. The children worked extremely hard creating beautiful and unique items to sell on the day. We would also like to thank the parents for supporting the children with this project.
The pupils were busy on the academic front this term aswell! For Science week the children experimented with electricity and using items such as potatoes and lemons to create batteries.
In Maths we learned about 2d shapes and how to find the radius and diameter of a circle. In History and Geography, we studied New Zealand and Australia, learned about the topography of each country and about the Maori and Aboriginal people who live there.
We have been decorating our Class Jesse Tree each day in the run up to Christmas aswell. 

Third and Fourth Class have been extremely busy this term; working on several projects throughout the past two months.

One of our greatest achievements to date has been recording and producing a Christmas CD; selecting the tracks, designing the artwork and compiling the list of tracks.  We are very proud of the whole schools’ team on this project. 

In science we made Robotic Arms, revising the function of the skeleton and learning about different types of joints.  They came in ‘handy’ in the classroom!  We have also entered the RDS Science Blast which will take place in Spring 2019 and we look forward to further developing our project for presentation.

Our focus in Literacy has been Narrative Writing, looking at create suspense in our stories.  We explored the idea of cliff hangers in stories as a class group and wrote some page turners ourselves.

Overall it has been a busy term and we look forward to some time off to relax before returning to work in January


Rang 1 & 2 were busy learning about Italy this term. They learnt about Italian food and even made their own garlic bread and pizza. They also uncovered some very interesting facts about Italy and shared them with their classmates.

Did you know-

  1. The first ever pizzeria in the world was opened in Naples in 1830.

  2. Like Garda is the birthplace of the violin.

  3. The city of Venice is built on 117 small islands.

    The pupils worked in pairs to research Italian landmarks such as St Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican and The Colosseum. They made mosaics of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In history they were learning about Christmas traditions. They interviewed their grandparents and compiled a book with their results. Christmas has certainly changed a lot over the years. The pupils created a timeless “Sleeping Baby Jesus” using lollipop sticks.

     The pupils performed a Nativity drama at the school Carol Service. They dressed up in their costumes and sang along with the Scoil Naoimh Pio school choir.

In literacy the pupils were focusing on procedural writing. They have become very familiar with bossy verbs and time connectives. They wrote about how to make garlic bread, a fruit smoothie and how to make a Christmas decoration.

    In P.E. they were doing gymnastics and enjoyed stretching, rolling and balancing. They have proven themselves to be a very flexible and energetic group of students. P.E. is one of their favourite subjects.

m 113.JPG

Visit to Navan Fire Station

Recount:- A Trip to the Fire Station


On Tuesday January 22nd , first, second and third classes went to Navan Fire Station. We went to learn more about fire fighters and fire safety.

First we went to the control room. Fire fighter Keith told us about a fire they had been called to the night before. He showed us the log book. They had only needed one fire engine. He told us to always keep our bedroom doors closed at night. He also told us to check our smoke alarms every week.

Next we went to the changing room. We tried on the helmets the firemen wear when they go to fires. The helmets were very heavy and had a torch. The boss had a white helmet and the others had yellow helmets. The helmets had the station crest and number eleven written on them. On the way out of the room we saw the radios being charged. Fire fighter Keith let us have a turn talking on them. There was a sign saying “Don’t forget your radio”.

After that  we went to see the fire engines. We saw lots of equipment like hoses, the jaws of life, ladders, fire extinguishers, torches and a generator. We got a chance to sit up in the back of the fire truck and have our photos taken. We also saw a water tanker.

Eventually we went into another room and we saw a 30 year old fire truck with a lift at the back. We also saw a jeep, a boat, wet suits and a truck for chemical fires.

Before we left we took out our clipboards. We had lots of questions for Fire Fighter Keith and he answered them all.


Finally  Keith reminded us of the STOP DROP and ROLL rule to be used if clothes go on fire. Holly showed us how to do that.


We were all sad to be leaving the station because we had a really great time and we learned lots about fire safety and the work of a fire fighter. We all agreed that it had been the best trip we had ever been on.




Well done to our school basketball teams who have entered the Meath Schools League for the first time this year. The players have been very enthusiastic in their training even giving up their lunch breaks to train.

The first match saw the girls sail home to a very comfortable win against Nobber, while the boys had a more difficult game but did themselves proud. The second round matches against a very strong Moynalty side were thrilling to watch. The girls lost by just one basket while the boys lost by a narrow margin of 2 baskets. Round 3 saw Knocktemple visit our school. We had a reverse of our round 1 performance with the girls losing and the boys winning.



Congratulations and very well done to our school basketball teams who were both very successful in the recent Co. Meath Basketball league.

On Monday April 8th our boy’s team had a comfortable win in the group 3 final against Rathmore NS.

Final score -Boys competition –Rathmore  - 3    Scoil Naoimh Pio -12

Later that same day our girls team travelled to Kilbride  where they stormed home to a well deserved win.

Final score- Girls competition- Kilbride -10   Scoil Naoimh Pio-24

Well done all!

M Paula

Summer Newsletter 2019

Term 3

In our Junior and Senior Infant classroom we said goodbye to a new member of our classroom. Adria came from Spain to spend some time in our classroom. His last day was the 20th of May and as a parting gift donated a climbing jasmine plant to the school. In the last term we have been busy getting involved in active week, taking our tour to NewGrange farm and working hard in the classroom.

M. Laura


Rang  a haon agus Rang a dó had a busy year this year. They enjoyed several educational trips, including a trip to Navan Fire station where the children were enthralled to learn about the varied work of the firefighters.  They also visited Knowth as part of their local history studies. The children created their own stone carvings which are very fine replicas of those in Knowth.  At the end of their tour they were able to climb the mound and view the entire Boyne Valley. A great day was had by all.

The highlight of the year however, had to be the celebration of  First Holy Communion. The children had been preparing for their special day since their return to school in September and they really did themselves proud. They were truly outstanding in their reverence and prayerfulness on the day and many remarked on their enthusiastic singing.

They have been very engaged in their own learning and it great to see how well they have all progressed. We have some very fine Gaeilgeoirs, artists, musician and athletes in our midst.


This year at Scoil Naoimh Pio 3rd and 4th have done a number of activities including Active Week, Sports Day, Choir, Christmas CD recording and gone on school trips such as Clara Lara and Trim Castle.

We helped in the garden which was led by M. Susan.

3rd and 4th class entered Science Blast and we were very happy with the results. We have done baking, Easter Egg hunts and ice cream van.

3rd and 4th class had a lot of fun this year. Sadly, our teacher M.  Mairead is leaving to start a new chapter of her life in the west.

By Ryan Kelly and Patrick McSweeney 

Rang 5 and Rang 6 – By Fionn Brereton

From the Summer term, we worked very hard to achieve an Ice Cream Party that Múinteoir Lorna introduced to us. To get the ice cream party reward, we had to reach a total of 50 Dojo’s for the whole class over the last few weeks. We had a checklist that showed that we needed to earn 10 Dojo’s got us a bowl, 20 got us a spoon, 30 got us ice cream, 40 got us syrup and 50 got us the extra’s.

To receive Dojo’s we had to do well in tests, work hard in class, be kind and helpful to younger pupils, use manners and help teachers. By the end of week 1, we had earned our bowl and spoon, and knew we would have to work extra hard to get everything on the list before the end of the school year.

Thankfully we got our rewards. Múinteoir Lorna brought in everything we could have asked for, and we even shared our ice creams with all the staff. There was vanilla or raspberry ripple ice cream. Chocolate and raspberry syrup. Marshmallows, chocolates, strawberries and sprinkles. She even brought in treats for people who couldn’t have ice cream.

In a joint science and maths class last month we also made our own ice cream. It was so cool, and tasted great! We had to first get the costs of ingredients each, and for the whole class, then figure out how much of each ingredient was needed to make enough ice cream each.

We had to mix all the ingredients in one bag, then add salt to ice in another bag and then carefully place the mix bag in. Then we had to shake the salt and ice bags too cause a reaction that would quickly turn our mixture to ice cream. Here is a picture of when James made his ice cream in a bag. It tasted like vanilla and had chocolate chips in it.

Harvest Festival 2019

This years Harvest Festival was a huge success.  We would like to thank the parents for the upkeep of the garden over the Summer months as they crops thrived and we had plenty to harvest.

Thank you to all parents, children, relatives who contributed to the harvest.  5th & 6th class led the selling of the goods and were fantastic hagglers!  5th & 6th also organised Harvest games and face painting for the other classes.

1300 was raised for the school and we will use the money to continue developing our garden.

Christmas Newsletter.jpg

September 2020

A very big hello and welcome back to all the boys and girls! 

Its so nice to be back in school and to be busy!

We welcomed our 3 new Junior Infants this week-Ollie, Danny and Tadgh. 

They have been very busy with lots of fun activites in the classroom. 

Senior Infants and First class have been very kind to the new infants have made a great effort to welcome them into our classroom. 

We have been learning a new poem called 'Lamha Suas' and we used our fingers to paint on Friday.

We are all looking forward to a new school year

M Siobhán

Autumn with Room 1

It has been a busy month in our classroom. Our new Junior Infants have settled really well, thanks to
the help of Senior Infants and First Class. We have been learning Jolly Phonics sounds and nursery
rhymes. We read the story The Pig in the Pond and then made our own pigs for Art. In Geography
and Science, we have been talking about Autumn. We went outside and looked for signs of Autumn.
We collected leaves and did some leaf rubbings and made hedgehogs out of the leaves too. We have
learned some Gaeilge songs. We are looking forward to dressing up and playing games for





pig in the pond.JPG

Unbe-leaf-able Art

5th and 6th class have been working really hard over the last few weeks, settling back into school life and getting our brains in gear again after the long break off! 

We decided to take a bit of a relaxing approach to our art and created some Autumn scenes using blending of different Autumnal colours and a dabbing effect with our paintbrushes.

We were really happy with how they turned out!


2nd/3rd/4th class

The pupils in M Paula’s Room have returned to our studies with great enthusiasm. We are busy learning in all subject areas. The most popular subjects in our room have been P.E. and Art. In P.E. we were getting fit with athletics with plenty of running, jumping, throwing and catching. We loved getting three sessions of P.E. every week.

Our classroom has been brightened up with some fabulous art work. In September we were learning about the colour wheel and how to mix our primary colours. We developed this further into a spectacular art display of eyes. In October we got straight into our Hallowe’en art with plenty of spooky drawings and paintings. Check out our spooky windows on your way past the school.

We also did some work on mindfulness and we have a positive affirmation tree in our room. We are a very talented group of pupils and we are getting confident in naming our own strengths. 



Second class are working hard on learning about 2-d shapes.  They got hands on to practice making 2-d shapes.

2d shapes.JPG

Hedgehog Rescue

This week a hedgehog was rescued in the football net.

The children kindly helped the hedgehog.

Nuala our secretary brought the hedgehog to the vet.

hedgehog 2.JPG

Halloween 2020

1st hall.JPG

1st class

Jack O' Lantern

Junior & Senior infants

5th class.JPG

5th class

6th class.JPG

6th class


4th class

2nd class

3rd class

junior & senior infants halloween.JPG
2nd hall.JPG

Food Dudes

We are part of Food Dudes of 2019/2020.  We enjoyed getting our fruit and vegetables for Phase one but unfortunately due to Covid 19 we will not be having any more food delivered for the moment.  We will continue to encourage healthy eating in the lunch box.

Music with karen

1st class

1st class got creative exploring tens and units this week.

food dudes.JPG

In November and December Karen is coming in to teach music with the kids.

Sheet music on music stand

Merry Christmas

from all in our school

Decorated Christmas Tree

5th & 6th class

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We have had a very busy term in 5th and 6th class and an even busier December! In history we have been learning about World War One and we were very lucky to have an extremely knowledgeable visitor to our class to share his expertise about the war! Colm Brereton visited and brought with him, pictures, artefacts and replicas of items used in World War One. We had an amazing afternoon learning more about the war and seeing things from a different perspective, so much so that it inspired our Christmas performance.

We had a great time sprucing and decorating our tree on the first of December and making snowflakes to add a homemade touch to it. We were even lucky enough to have a handmade star made by our very own Ryan Kelly to top it all off. What a nice way to start the month and get into the Christmas spirit.

Our Christmas performance this year had to be a little different and we couldn’t perform in front of parents like we normally would. But nothing is too big a challenge for our 5th and 6th class and with the help of our director CJ Bennett and the fantastic imagination of the entire class, we have come up with a Christmas performance piece that we can send home to parents.

5th and 6th class have also shown their fantastic creative side once again in this year’s Virtual Christmas Market. Not being able to do things the ‘normal’ way did not dampen our spirits and the boys and girls worked tirelessly at home in groups and with their amazing parents to create some of the most creative Christmas pieces I have ever seen. With help from M. Marie and Nuala we managed to create an online Christmas market where the children can sell their beautiful creations.

Phew! That was a lot! Here’s to a lovely rest over the Christmas break and a really productive 2021!

Junior infants/Senior infants & 1st class

The boys and girls in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class have been very busy this term. We learned about the signs of Winter and went a for a walk around the school to look at the bare trees and to spot a robin. We learned about the animals that go into hibernation during the Winter. 

We have read lots of books including the story of  the 3 Litte Pigs. We then used different materials to make houses out of straw, bricks and wood. 

We also learned about the different types of homes that people can live in and learned new words like ' terraced', 'detached' and 'semi detached' homes. We drew pictures of our own homes and put them up on the wall.

We have been very busy getting ready for our Christmas play 'The Bossy King' and can't wait for our parents to see it.

3 little pigs


christmas siobhan







Rang a 2, Rang a 3 and Rang a 4 have had another very busy month. In Maths we were busy with symmetrical shapes and tessellating shapes. We made tessellating Christmas trees for our Christmas display board. We also made a tessellating Advent calendar on which we wrote good deeds which we can do at home or in school. We open it every morning and do our best to carry out the good deed during the day.

Rang a 2 are very busy preparing for First Holy Communion and are doing a great job learning all of the prayers. We enjoyed the Christmas Story and used this as a basis for our school play. We had great fun recording the play to send home to our parents.

December has been a very active month in our classroom. We continue to enjoy the 10@10 workouts where we also learn some very interesting facts about keeping our bodies healthy. We are  running a kilometre every day. In PE we were busy with the gymnastic strand of the curriculum. We focused on the areas of movement, pathways , balance ,take-off and landing. We love being outdoors.

In science we were learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We also learned how we can change matter from one state to another by heating up or cooling down. We also made Christmas tree sun catchers for our windows which we hope you can enjoy as you pass by our school.


Gymnastics this term!

Spring has arrived 2021

Rang 2,3 agus 4 got off to a cracking start on our return to school. We were full of energy and
delighted to be back among our friends again. It has been a very busy fortnight.
We enjoyed our in-class art activities. We are learning about Egypt this month and we have already
made produced cartouches for our own names. We were also researching the burial traditions of the
pharaohs and we decorated death masks. We have a lovely display in our classroom. We also
decorated rocks as a gift for Mother’s Day.
We continue to be very active both inside our classroom and outdoors . In addition to our 10@10 we
are busy with the games strand in P.E. Thanks to all the hard work with fundraising last year we each
have our own ball. We are learning the skills of basketball and are becoming experts at dribbling and
shooting. We are enjoying putting our skills to use at skill circuit sessions.

mother's day.JPG
pe outside.JPG

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First class had a great first week back at school. We were all so happy to see each other again. Infants have been revising their sounds and learning some new ones too. They have been learning some tricky words too. First class have been doing so well with their reading. 

paddys art.jpg

St. Patrick's celebrations 2021

st patrick's day.jpg

We all wore green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Easter Egg Hunt 2021

The Easter bunny hopped by with a delivery of eggs.  The children had great fun in their class going on an egg hunt.

easter chicks.jpeg

5th & 6th class Summer 2021

5th and 6th Class Get Creative

As part of our School’s Creative Cluster we, in 5th and 6th class, have been working on a class mural in the shelter. As a class we discussed how we could use the theme of Heritage in Meath to create a mural and what we could draw to represent our ideas. The class then split into groups and chose a piece of the mural to paint. We got to work designing our pieces of the mural and even had input from the other 2 classes. The groups then worked to sketch out their piece of the mural and once that was done we got to painting.

It is a work in progress but we can’t wait to see the finished product.


5th and 6th have also started work on a stop motion film workshop. We have a local film maker Siún visiting us on Fridays to develop our film making skills. For the first week the class worked on storyboards and creating backgrounds for simple stop  motion film. For our 2nd week the class worked in pairs to create simple 2-D stop motion films on the tablets. Over the next two weeks we will work together to create some 3D stop motion films.

2nd/3rd/4th Summer 2021

Rang a 2, 3 and 4 were busy learning about Italy this month. We looked at the work of Leonardo da
Vinci who was a talented Italian artist, scientist, sculptor and architect. We learned about Leonardo’s
Vitruvian Man drawing which identified the proportions of the human body. We went outside and
measured our heights and discovered that Leonardo was correct when he said that our height is
equal to the length of our outspread arms. We also discovered that our hands are one tenth the
length of our heights and that the length of our feet are one seventh of our heights. We were very
interested to discover that Leonardo wrote in mirror writing on his Vitruvian Man drawing.
In maths we were doing measures and we checked our heights and weights. Each group measured
and organised themselves from tallest to smallest for a photo shoot.
In PE we are continuing to focus on the games strand and in particular on basketball. We have
mastered layups and pivot steps this term.
We are continuing to run around Ireland- we won’t stop until we have visited all of the landmarks.

Summer 2021 with M. Siobhán's room

Since Easter Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class have been learning about lots of new things. We read about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and we drew our version of his famous painting 'sunflowers'. We have been looking at all the different signs that summer is finally here and we planted seeds with Múinteoir Susan. We are still very busy doing the run around Ireland everyday. We listened to the Irish legend about Oisin and Niamh in Tir na nOg. Junior Infants have been working hard learning all their new tricky words. In Maths we have been looking at the different types of coins that we use and sorting them into categories. We are looking forward to our school tour next month too. And we are also really enjoying all the new toys to play with in the Aistear room. 

active week.JPG
old building fun.jpg

3rd and 4th class 2021:

We learned about Louis Braille and how he helped blind people to read. We also read a book that had braille in it. 
We drew portaits of each other in Art and they are hanging up in our classrrom. We also used leaves to make prints using lots of different colours and displayed them at the Harvest Festival.
In Geography we learned about the different provinces and counties in Ireland and we also read the story about how the River Boyne got its name .
3rd class were delighted that they finally got to celebrate their First Holy Communion



5th and 6th class 2021:


We learned about County Meath and all the historical locations in the Royal County. We have started reading the novel War Horse.  We designed abstract paintings and will be displayed in our classroom.  We created all the signs and games for the Harvest Festival and really enjoyed our time creating them. We have also been very active. We participated in a Cycling workshop which was brilliant and very informative. We also have been taking part in Tennis and 

Gymnastic too. Great fun being had by all. 


Maths Week Games


The boys and girls in 1st and 2nd class have been hard at work with their maths since September. We decided to have some fun during Maths Week with some fun games. This one is called 3 in a row and the children played against eachother using dice, a playing board and some cubes. We all had great fun and used our Maths Brains too!


Happy Halloween 2021

3rd class halloween.jpeg

Our Marvellous Medicine

In 1st and 2nd class we have been reading some of Roald Dahl's classics. So far we have read Fantastic Mr Fox, Esio Trot and we have just finished George's Marvellous Medicine. We decided that it would be a great idea to make our own 'Marvellous Medicine'. On the last day before our Halloween holidays we all made our own medicine using a variety of tasty treats.These included 7-up, food colouring and lots of different types of jellies and sweets. We had great fun creating our potions and eating and drinking them too!


Term 2 with Junior and Senior infants

This was a very busy term.  We studied about the Arctic circle.  We enjoyed preparing for Christmas.  On each Friday our GAA coach Tiana and music teacher Karen did lots of fun lessons with us.

We have nearly completed all our Jolly phonic sounds and Junior infants have started reading!

In Aistear we created a doctor surgery.  In PE we had cosmic yoga fun!


Santa Dash 2021

Well done to everyone for the Santa Dash in aid of St. Vincent de Paul.  Over 200 euro raised!

IMG_0974 (2).JPG
IMG_0999 (2).JPG

3rd and 4th class:

We read lots of interesting old Irish myths and legends such as Deirdre of the Sorrows, The red brach knights, how Setanta changed his name and the stroy of Oisin in Tír na nÓg. We also heard the Greek legend about Helen of Troy. 

Molly won the Repak Colouring competition and an ice cream van came to the school!

Karen came in to do Music with us every Friday. We sang the 12 days of Christmas.

Mark did a skipping workshop with us.

Wr have put up our Christmas tree in the classrom,and we have done lots of Chritsmas Art! We cant wait for Santy to come!

A busy term for 1st and 2nd class

It has been a busy term for the boys and girls in 1st and 2nd class. We have been working hard on our reading and writing as well as doing some experiments for Science week, running around Europe and preparing for Christmas. In M. Cathy’s room we decided to decorate our tree with handmade paperchains and snowflakes. We hope you like it as much as we do!

We wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas from all of us in 1st and 2nd Class!


5th and 6th Class

This term was a very busy time for 5th and 6th Class. We had a skipping workshop with Mark and on Fridays we had fun lessons with our Music teacher Karen and our GAA coach Tiana.

The class did amazing work getting ready for the Christmas Market. 
We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Pancake Tuesday

All the children enjoyed cooking pancakes for Pancake Tuesday.


Spring Term for Junior and Senior infants

This term the focus was learning about Spring.  We planted seeds to see how germination worked.  

We studied all about Space.

Each day we did our reading and blending.

We did lots of games in Maths.


1st & 2nd Spring into action this term!

We did a lot of hands on Maths activities this term around money, weight and length.  We really enjoyed real life Maths exploration.

We focused on Space and did projects on the planets.

At Easter  we made Spring wreaths following our procedure writing and reading about Spring crafts.


5th and 6th Class

We have been very busy on our lead up to Easter. We have had wonderful Spanish lesson with Múinteoir Laura. Múinteoir Megan and I helped the class to complete the mural outside our classroom. It was a fantastic effort by the whole class and it is a credit to them. Also a great effort was made with the Easter Hats and trees. I was very impressed. 
Congratulations to Robert and James on winning the competition. 


Summer 2022

In Junior infants to second class we had a very active term  We enjoyed our Active Week with Sports Day.  We went on our school tour to Fort Lucan. We completed our Wellness Week with mindful colouring, wearing slippers and a teddy bears picnic.


3rd and 4th Summer 2021

A lovely lady names Nora White visited us a few weeks ago. She is an Ogham Stone expert and told us lots of interesting facts. We then made our own Ogham stones using clay. 

We made brownies and cookies last week, they were delicious. 

We completed 3 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles, it was a group effort!

In Art we learned about the artist Picasso and then we tried to recreate our own Picasso portrait using pastels.

We learned about Italy... the food, the climate, the history and the people. It was really interesting. 

We enjoyed our Sports Day and Active week. We also had a fantastic time on our school tour in Clara Lara.

After all our hard work we have earned a well deserved break this summer!


5th & 6th Class
We had a great term and a very active one too. We had our Active Week which concluded with Sports Day and we also went on our school tour to Clara Lara. Great fun was had by all on the tour. 
This week were are having our Wellness week and focusing on taking care of ourselves. Through Yoga sessions and meditation, We also made Rocky Road cake this week as a whole class. It was delicious and the class should be very proud of themselves. 

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