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Green School

Our Green School Committee 2018 - 2019

The Green School committee with Múinteoir Siobhán are very busy this year working towards the Litter and Waste Green School flag.

In school there was a competition to come up with our Green School motto.

Each classroom has a recycling bin and re-usable paper bin.  

The committee measure the bins and monitor that each class is recycling.  The results have been great and two more recycling bins are being used in the school.

green school 1819.jpg

Spring Clean

On March 16th Spring Clean will take place.  The Green School committee are busy organising a clean up on the school grounds for all classes.

There will be a focus on using recyclable materials to build on our garden.

3rd & 4th painted shoes to plant in!

1st and 2nd painted recycled tyres to plant in and use for our obstacle course.

Recycled Easter Bonnet Parade

Green School 2018/19

The newly formed committee in October has taken all rubbish bins from classrooms.  Children are encouraged to use lunchboxes only and re-usable water bottles.  Milk cartons are washed and squashed for recycling.  Fruit peelings are placed in the composted bin.  Well done to the committee for all their hard work this term.

Green School motto

Forests are green,

Oceans are blue,

Keep the earth clean

And it will save you.

green logo.png
Misty Forest Reflection

Halloween recycling costume competition 2018/19

The Green School Committee organised a recycling Halloween costume competition.  Well done to everyone the costumes were so creative!

The winners

Halloween Pumpkins
halloween 201819.JPG

Green Schools – By Abbie Kelly (Green Schools Committee member 2018/2019)


At Halloween we were all encouraged to make our costumes out of recycled materials. Some people used potato bags, cardboard boxes, milk cartons and old newspapers. There was prizes for each class for the recycled costumes.

As part of our Green Flag work, we had a Spring clean-up, of all of our school grounds. This was when the whole school got together to clean up the school grounds, clean out the flower beds and sweep up the yard.

We had a visitor in who told us about the importance of “wash’n’squash”. This is when we wash out our milk cartons and squash them flat so that they can be recycled. Senior pupils then went to the other classes and encouraged and showed the younger pupils how to do the same. We then made posters to remind all the pupils to do this every day when they got their milk cartons.

The Green schools committee then made posters to promote recycling in each class, and we made sure each class had a compost and recycling bin only. Some of the posters said things like:

“Forests are green, oceans are blue, keep the earth clean and it will save you”.

When the visitor came from the Green Schools, she asked what we had done to earn our flag, she looked at our scrap book and the display of everything we had done so far. She was able to see all of the hard work we had done with the help of Múinteoir Siobhán and Múinteoir Louise. We were very happy that we had finally gotten our Green Flag, and couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the school.

We are applying for our next Green Flag using the them 'Water'.

Over year one we will be completing the following:

- setting up Green School committee

- completing school and home water surveys and audits

-using the curriculum to teach the children about water conservation

- each class following the water plan for year one


Screenshot (6)_edited.jpg

Green School   2021/22

Repak Competition

Molly was the winner for designing a Reduce/Reuse/Recycle poster.  It was made into a jigsaw by Repak.  They organised an ice cream van as a treat for our participation.

IMG_0721 (2).JPG

Our water motto


Our water markers beside the tap reminds us to save water

IMG_7069 (1).jpeg

Leak tests

We checked taps and radiators for leaks.  We have no meter but our plumber came out to help us check more thoroughly.

Home Water Surveys

Parents received a home survey to fill in as part of Water week.

We put water bottles in the fridge.  Staff and pupils can refill their water bottle with cold water without having to run the tap.

The Committee are constantly monitoring radiators for leaks and check the water butt is working.


We now use only 8 litres of water per person instead of 9 litres.

Recycled Easter hat and basket competition 2022

Blue Day 2022
As part of our Green School flag for water we had a blue day.  Each pupil wore blue and we had a water treasure hunt.

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