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About Us

Junior Entrepreneurs 2019

5th & 6th Class have entered Junior Entrepreneurs 2019.  This competition involves setting up a viable business, organising the business structure and selling/distributing products or services. 

Watch this space to find out how they get on!

Getting Started

The first step we took in setting up our business was to hold a Christmas Market.  We were all in groups and made individual items to sell.  We held the market in the school and it was open to pupils and parents.We made a healthy profit and had lots of fun!


We were visited by Seamus Cassidy, a local business man, who spoke to us about establishing and owning a business.  We were able to ask him questions and he gave us some useful hints and tips 

Christmas Market 2018

Bia Blasta Glas

On the 15th March 2019 we held an event called Bia Blasta Glas.  this was where we sold bracelets, buns, green treats and a chance to play a board game.  We held this event to raise capital for an idea we had come up with in one of our first workshops with Meath Enterprise Office.  While running this event we got loads of positive feedback about our board game 'Uncover Ireland' We decided to focus on the board game as a business idea. 

We re-branded as Fun'N'Games, a business that would provide free, eductional and fun games for all.  In our final workshop with Meath Enterprise Office, the decision was made to expand the business and so two more games were produced: 'Discovering Meath' & 'Exploring Europe' 

Uncovering Ireland


Board Game Break

In late Spring, at big break, we held a board game break.  We launched our two new board games at this event.  All the children enjoyed it and we received excellent feedback too. 

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