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Scoil Naomh Pio Active Slogan

Active School Committee 2017/18

Our school recently joined the Active School Programme for Primary Schools and children and staff alike have been getting active during the school days in the most amazing ways!

Our committee was formed in late November, comprising of students from each class level.  These students represent the entire student body and will be advising teachers on how best to be pupils active

Physical Education

Outdoor & Adventure Activities

During Term 2 all classes focused on developing orienteering & mapping skills as well as completing outdoor challenges and walking trails.

3rd to 6th Class learned how to identify and mark objects on a map, how to read a map and used QR Codes to discover clues and trail routes.

Junior Infants to 2nd Class focused on snake walks, symbol matching, orienteering and cooperative games & challenges.


In preparation for our annual Chéilí, all classes did Folk Dancing as part of their PE Lessons in February & March.  The whole school joined together on March 15th for a Chéilí Mór!

1st & 2nd Class led the way in Creative Dance and showed us all how it's done to Blame it on the Boogie!  


So far this year we have tried Tennis, GAA, Soccer and Basketball as our Games with Rules.  3rd & 4th Class even learned how to play cricket!

We've also created our own fun games during PE time!


We've worked a lot on our balances in gymnastics in the Junior Room and 1st & 2nd Class. Term 3 has seen the beginnings of gymnastics in Scoil Naoimh Pio and we'll post further updates as they happen!

Athletics will take place in Term 3 for all classes

Coming Soon


Our PE Days are Wednesday & Friday.  Children receive 30 minutes of Physical Education on these days


Physical Activity

Active Yard


Active Yards are new to Scoil Naoimh Pio this year. A group of children from 3rd - 6th Class volunteer to setup games and equipment in the yard for all classes.  They follow a rota and the games/equipment is different each day with 'Free Fridays' where children an play any game they wish.

Yard Monitors also volunteer to encourage all students to remain active during break & lunch times.

Active Launch


The Active Committee launched the Active Yard Programme and Games with the whole school earlier in the year.  It gave children an opportunity to become familiar with the games and activities while also encouraging children to play more cooperatively.

Active Awards

Our yard monitors and senior committee members keep their eyes peeled during the week looking for our Buzzy Bee of the Week (Juniors to 2nd Class) and our Active Agent of the Week (3rd - 6th Class).

These awards are presented to children that have really embraced the ethos of our Active Schools Programme.

Active Agent

Buzzy Bee

Chéilí Mór

Junior Infants - Sixth Class


Active School Week

28th May - 1st June

sports day 2018

The children engaged in yoga, rugby, rounders, co-operative games, basketball, novelty races and parachute.

Co-operative games

Co-operative games were a team effort and great fun!


The children started their first rugby lesson with Jason on Sports Day.

Our Active Flag 2018

On June the 20th we invited parents in to raise our first Active flag.  This was a momentous occasion.  As a school we are very active and strive for 60 minutes of active movement each day.

Speech delivered to parents and children by Active Committe before raising our flag.

Members of the Active School committee
active committee 1819.JPG

Active School Committee 2018/19

The new Active School committee was announced in October.  They are already busy organising a play rota from Monday - Thursday with a focus on co-operative games.

Active  Week 2019


Today we are going to tell you what we did for Active Week.

On Monday we did baseball with Frank and Phelim and we had a great time! Then on Tuesday we did archery with a coach from Archery Ireland and it was really fun! We had tennis lessons with David on Wednesday and we enjoyed it! On Thursday we did Mini Olympics and everybody had so much fun!

On Friday we had SPORTS DAY! We had so many games such as





Novelty Races

The rain stayed away long enough for us to get a turn at each activity.




By Sophia Dooley, Cormac Brereton and James Fitzpatrick

Active School 2019

In term one our new active committee was launched they are working very hard and have organised playground games and a rota with Múinteoir Paula.  Each week the active agent trophy is given to a child in Junior to 2nd class and a child in 3rd to 6th class.  The class are rewarded 10 minutes active time too!

Active school motto 2019/20

Composed by ryan

Be Active

Be Cool

Not only at school


In term 1 coach David taught six lessons.  We used our ball eye co-ordination and racket skills.  We had fun playing games.

Tennis Ball

G.A.A. Football

Greg is coaching football from 3rd - 6th class.  We are linking with our local G.A.A. club St. Marys.

Múinteoir Carl is training the football team on a Monday and is hoping to enter a competition with the team after Christmas.

Soccer Cleats


Múinteoir Paula is coaching 3rd - 6th class basketball.  They are busy practicing their drills and hope to enter their team into a tournament.


The yard is divided into Active zones for play each day.

yard play.JPG
yard play 2.JPG
yard play 1.JPG

MEET THe AcTive committee

Kathlyn - 6th class

Danny - 5th class

Keith - 4th class

Molly - 3rd class

Aidan - 2nd class

Sadie - 1st class

Amy - Senior infants

10@10 week 1 b.JPG

10 @ 10 Movement breaks

10 @ 10 Rang 2, 3,4

On Week One of Active Breaks we followed the exercises from the white board.  It was great fun for everyone.

We did the plank and squats, jumping jacks and jog and box.

We learned that a baby is born with 300 bones.

When you grow up your bones join and then you have 206 bones in your body. Also we learned that your heart beats 100,000 times a day.

We are looking forward to doing 10@10 again next week


By :Keith and Aidan

Active Schools Committee


Active School Flag- information for parents

Over the next few months our school will be working towards achieving our second Active School Flag (ASF). We are very much looking forward to this and we believe that our school is up for the challenge. A committee has been established with representatives from each classroom.

Activity guidelines for children are 60 minutes per day. Children who meet these guidelines are shown to have significantly healthier heart fitness , weight status and blood pressure .The 2018 Children’s Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study found that only 17% of primary school pupils meet this 60 minute target. Regularly participating in sport helps but on its own ,is generally not enough. We are seeking to encourage children to engage in a combination of active travel, physical education ,play and sport activities. This is where The Active Schools  Initiative comes in . This year more than ever we’d like to foster the’ healthy mind in a healthy body’ mentality in our pupils..

The benefits of participating in the ASF programme are well documented by the research team in DCU with 97.7% of schools reporting that children became more active. 96.9% of teachers reported an improvement in children’s concentration and focus. You may like to have a look at the ASF website for further information.

Active School Dance Challenge
For Funday Friday in November the pupils of Scoil Naoimh Pio took on the Jerusalema Dance
Challenge. The pupils learned the dance in their own classrooms with their teachers during the week
The whole school had a socially distanced gathering in the school car park and had great fun
performing the dance all together. Well done everyone- it has been a great active way to finish off
our very active week!!
The Active School Committee


Run Around Ireland March 2021


As part of the Active School Programme our school will be taking part in the Run Around Ireland Initiative . This is a four week programme which will begin on Monday March 22nd and will run through the first three weeks we are back in school after Easter.

Each class will run every day and we will log the distances covered. Our intention is to visit as many landmarks as possible . The pupils will measure the distances to the various landmarks so there are some great cross curricular links with Maths and Geography as well as the health benefits from being active daily.

We hope the pupils will enjoy the challenge.

10 @ 10.jpg
dance 2.JPG

St. Patrick's Day March 2021

As part of Active School each class did Irish dancing in their own bubble.

irish dancing.jpg

Active School 2021/22

In term we focused on Gymnastics as part of our Active School.  Michael came every Friday to coach the children as part of School Fitness Ireland.



This term we completed our tennis outside with David.  We practiced our ball control and had fun games.


National Cycling week

5th & 6th class completed a cycling workshop as part of National cycling week.


November 2021 - Skipping workshop

The whole school had a skipping workshop.  It was great fun and gave the children great ideas for games for yard time to be active.


Basketball 2022

Every class is working with Padraig twice a week for their basketball skills.  Our skills are improving all the time!


Linking with St. Mary's GAA club

In March 2022 the children from 3rd to 6th class participated in GAA skills with a coach from St. Mary's club.  The programme was over 5 weeks and some children now have organised matches at lunch time.

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