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Christmas Spirits

Welcome to our Virtual Christmas Market!!

Please ring on 041 9825123 or email to put in your order.

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Handmade Mince Pies
Tasty and delicious boxed and ready to eat!

# Santa ready


Price: 5 euro


Price: 10 euro

Handmade Christmas Logs

Handmade and designed Christmas logs.  

# Unique


Price: 8 euro

Handmade Christmas Snowman

Handmade and designed Christmas snowmen

#Let it snow


Handmade Christmas Snowglobes

Handmade and designed Christmas snowglobes

# It's cold outside

Price: 5 euro


Handmade Christmas Candles

Handmade and designed Christmas candles

# Bright light

Price: 4 euro each or 3 for 10 euro


Gingerbread House

Get into the spirit

# Sweet stuff

Price: 8 euro each


Handmade Christmas Stocking hanger

Beautiful design

# Snowy day

Price: 8 euro each

christmas decor.jpg

Handmade Christmas wreath

# Christmas door

Price: 8 euro each

Covid 19 Safety Note

All products are sanitised and fogged.

They are safely wrapped in cellophane.

The wrapping is sanitised and fogged.

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